Magnum Medical Finland

Pharmaceutics wholesaler

delivering health and well-being products


Magnum Medical Finland Ltd is a market based pharmaceutical wholesaler. Our clients are healthcare professionals throughout Finland. In addition to logistics services, Magnum Medical Finland Oy markets selected health care equipment, supplies and nutritional supplements.

Magnum Medical Finland Ltd is part of the Magnum Group, which is a leading pharmaceutical wholesaler and retailer in the Baltic States. Finnish company was founded in 2004 and it received a Finnish pharmaceutical wholesale rights in July 2006.


Heidehofintie 2, 01300 Vantaa, Finland

  • Mika Huotari
    Managing Director epost Business
  • Laura Huotari
    Responsible Pharmacist epost Quality
  • Harri Jylhä
    Logistics Manager epost Logistics
  • Kira Sorsa
    Customer Service Manager epost Customer Service
  • Essi Günther
    epost Finance